Austin Gardner, Pastor

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am blessed to have the opportunity to recommend Andy and Lily Smith to you. They are new church planting missionaries to the country of China. 

Andy and Lily are no ordinary couple. Lily is Chinese. Andy has already lived in China for fourteen years. They speak the language. They have the culture. They love Jesus. 

Andy hungered for God’s will as he lived in China, teaching English for years. He couldn’t find a church to attend that followed Biblical teaching. They were almost all pastored by women pastors. When he tried to talk about that to the church leadership and show them the Bible, they called him a trouble maker. They said he was bringing American customs to China. He told them that it was right in front of them in the Bible. 

Finally, after much prayer, Andy found Mark Tolson, a Vision missionary in China. He moved his family to that church. He got training and experience there.

He moved his family to  Vision Baptist Church Alpharetta to continue training. He knows the desperate need for Biblical churches in China. He is ready to go back and start that kind of church and train men to do so.

I am asking you to allow him to present the ministry in your church. You will want to support them. They will do a great job.

If you have any questions about their marriage, their character, their doctrine, please feel free to call me. I love this couple and believe in them without reservation.

You will be glad you have them in to preach.

Yours to reach the world in this generation,

W. Austin Gardner

Pastor, Vision Baptist Church

Jeff Bush, Missions Director


Andy and Lily Smith are a wonderful couple who is following God‘s leading to serve God in China. Andy lived 14 years in China teaching English as a second languag as a means to share the Gospel with others. While there, God put it in his heart to be a missionary and not just a teacher. Soon God led him to cross paths with VBM missionary, Mark Tolson, and he began his training. Andy and his wife, Lily, soon moved to Alpharetta, Georgia to complete his training and is now returning to China as a church-planting missionary. Andy already speaks Chinese, he is married to a sweet Chinese lady, he knows the culture and he is ready to get the job done. Thank you for considering to partner with the Smith family!

Jeff Bush

Missions Director, Vision Baptist Missions

Trent Cornwell, Pastor


It has brought joy to my family and to Vision Baptist Church to watch Andy and Lily prepare for the mission field. They have a contagious joy about the ministry! God has truly blessed their efforts to reach Chinese people in our community. I have no doubt God will use them in a special way as they endeavor to see churches planted in China. We firmly believe they will be a blessing to your church family and a great partner in ministry.

Trent Cornwell

Pastor, Vision Baptist Church